Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Small Updates

Update 1: Pole Vault.

I'm getting better! :D I had about a two weeks span recently where I started doing really badly and I just could not get anything tuned in right, but I'm getting my groove back & figured I'd share with you guys, a video from my last weeks practice. It's by far not my best vault, but I'm getting there.

The bungy cord that I went over was at around 13 feet. Which means that I only have to get up 4 more inches to leave my school with a school record! :D

Update 2: Dreadlocks.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I began the process of backcombing my hair to put an early start on my dreadlocks. As of right now, only the back of my hair is dreaded. We are going to spend the rest of today working on the front of my hair. Of course, it will still take a couple weeks of my head looking very nappy and stupid for my hair to start looking like good dreadlocks, but as for now, they actually look a lot better than I thought that they would. I will post pictures as soon as my whole head has been dreaded c:


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D4 said...

4 more inches! You can do it!

Do you know how many guys would kill for 4 more inches, and all you need to do is practice? Pft.

And yes, show updates on the dreads soon :D

Diego Sousa said...

good luck on the dreadlocks!

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