Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dreadlocks. I think they are, by far, the most beautiful hair style one can get (as long it is done naturally.) And guess what? I'm starting mine in four days! I'm extremely excited. I've been waiting almost two months to start locing my hair.

For those who don't know; Dreadlocks are a natural hairstyle in which the hair is twisted into long matted or ropelike locs.

Dreadlocks occur naturally in any type of hair over time. All that is needed to be done is absolutely nothing. Your hair will start locking up overtime as long as it is not combed (ever) & chemical shampoos and conditioners are not used (this includes just about every shampoo & conditioner on the market.)

Many people get the wrong idea about dreadlocks, assuming that they are nasty, smell bad, never washed, not taken care of, etc. Where this may be true in some cases, it is almost always not true. A person who truly cares about their dreadlocks does wash them every couple of days, and for a long time, they actually do require a good bit of maintenance to keep them looking good.

You can wash dreadlocks. Just, not with products that are sold at normal stores. I will actually be making my own shampoo out of natural oils, to leave my hair soft(ish) & smelling goooood :)

Well, my whole reason for this post is that I have an idea, and a question for those of you who follow my blog:

Should I make a second blog, devoted to my experience to come, locking up my hair?

I figure I could post progress on how it looks, length, upkeep that I do, etc. Sound like a good idea? c:


D4 said...

A second blog for dreadlocks? I don't know, I'm not sure it would be updated often, but I'm sure people could find it useful! Go for it if you must. I wonder, why wait 4 days? It's not like you're waiting for a special procedure since.. it's not doing anything?

I like dreadlocks, but after doing some heavy reading about them and the Rastafari ways, I'd just feel bad sporting them while knowing I'm not really rasta, you know?

Austin said...

D4, well in not getting them for 4 days because I have Senior Pictures in 4 days and my mom wants me to look normal for my photos and I respect that :p
As for how you feel about them, I'm not Rasta either, but I feel that anyone can sport dreadlocks because it's everyones true, natural hair. I know I'm gonna get a lot of shut for being a white guy with dreads though.

Al3xaG said...

Sounds pretty tricky, how long is your hair?

Jack said...

if i were you, i would post about my hair's progress on days where you cant think of anything to blog about

Diego Sousa said...

whoa! i just loved your blog! very creative and interesting! i'll be following

T Papar said...

personally i wouldnt do it cause its like using a people's symbol (Rastafari) just for fashion. i do agree that they look great though.

Erixsson said...

Maby be beautiful, but make sure to wash it!

Internet Catch Of The Day said...

I like dreadlocks, but not a fan of the polish plait which is having one huge dreadlock

movie68 said...

A friend of mine had dreads in school, he took a lot of crap for being a white guy with them, but to each his own.

Adrian anonymous said...

Hey this is late I know but I came across this today but I have had for almost a year now (in about 2 weeks it's a year) I can say its been a fun journey for me I'm Hispanic and I am the only kid who isn't black with dreads and yes I do get a lot of crap cause I have them but it shows you how much you are judge cause you don't look like the everyone else! And I love my dreads at first they were SUPER messy and frizzy etc. but as time past they got together and locked I still have frizzy hair and lose hair cause I don't "fix" them a lot only important event like my senior pictures are tomorrow, get them if you want to just never use wax on them if you have more questions go to it has everything there and you can read other people stories and experiences

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