Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I decided to buy myself a slackline last summer. I bought a Gibbon Slackline and got started on it right away.
This sport is an incredible workout, and is extremely fun. It works your balance and concentration to the maximum.
I had to get away from it for a few months while I waited out the cold, snow and rain, and when I decided to get back into it, recently, I realized how far behind I had fallen in the slackline movement.
Now, I am not bad at slacklining, and I plan to release an up-to-date video of myself very soon, but over the past couple of months, the technicality of tricks that people are coming up with are insane. Check this video out, it's by a few practitioners over in Asia.

I am not near this good, though like I said I do plan on putting up a video of my progress rather soon.
I hope that this video is inspiring and makes you want to go and try it too :)

Oh and by the way; this is an extremely good way to meet girls/guys. Bring it to a park and I guarantee you that people will be interested in you & your unique-ness c; 


Dvallej said...

what is a slacking?

Austin said...

do you mean a slackline?
a slackline is basically a truck tie-down, except thicker, and with more bounce. you rig it between two posts and slackline on it c:

Anonymous said...

I think you are better than most mmmm

Mortal Flaw said...

whoa, this seems awesome. how much is would a slackline cost?

AllenTesch said...

I remember we tried to make our own as kids.

Triper said...

Heywild is great!

Austin said...

A high quality slackline will only cost you around $60, but they last a lifetime.

Moobeat said...


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