Thursday, June 2, 2011

Contact Juggling!

Every heard of contact juggling? Probably not. Ever heard of Fushigi? Sure you have.
Let's get one thing straight. FUSHIGI RUINED CONTACT JUGGLING.

Definition: Contact juggling is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of objects such as balls in contact with the body.

Fushigi took an old, beautiful art form, mainstreamed it and put in the hands of every common consumer; thus ruining it. It is no longer a truly unique art form, and I cannot perform any sort of contact juggling without someone coming up to me and saying something like "OH HEY I SAW THAT ON TV! ISN'T THAT A FADFHAODI BALL OR SOMETHING!?" and I hate it!! >_< They are a terrible company and I would NEVER recommend purchasing a Fushigi Ball if you are interested in getting into contact juggling.

Okay, now that my personal banter is out of the way, let's get onto the skill.
I've been contact juggling for a good bit of time now, and I love it. It's extremely relaxing once you get used to it and it's a great way to pass the time. It's not like you'll get much exercise doing it, but it will definitely increase your dexterity, concentration and ability with your hands.
It USED to be a great attention grabber, and though it still is, it is now for the wrong reason (thanks to Fushigi). If you get good at it, it definitely impresses people, and it used to help me get the girls c: (though now all I really get is "Oh my little brother has one of those, but you're a lot better at it than him.")

I'm apologize that I don't have any OC to show you, though I would love for you to watch one of my favorite contact juggling videos.

A real contact juggling ball (at least the most commonly used one) is made completely of acrylics, most people just assume that it is a large, glass ball.
A commonly asked question is that if you drop it, does it shatter? Well, no, not for a very long time at least. I've dropped one of my balls onto concrete from at least 10 feet up and all it got was a nice little ding in it. This is why they are made of acrylics instead of glass.
If you are interested, please, buy a good one, they are in the same price range as Fushigi, and will last you MUCH longer.
Here is where I buy mine from:


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