Friday, June 3, 2011

A Free Running Photoshoot

Yay! Some OC for once :D
During my vacation in Myrtle Beach we decided to take some photos while I was free running. The is probably my favorite activity right now, and I think I am going to go free run with a few friends today as well.
But anyways! On to the photos (click them for full size):

 A dash vault over a table.
 A side flip down a set of stairs.
 Holding a handstand on a table.
 A flared side flip.
 A misty flip.
And this is just a fun picture, balancing, walking along a railing.

I hope you like them! Let me know what you think of them; both good or bad!


Dvallej said...

great pics btw

DIYgamer said...

This looks fun... wish I could learn to do it!

Inside Journalism said...

Flared side flip looks so good!

Check out my mates at too if you like.

Great pics mate, I'll be forwarding this to others too. Following :)

icey said...

i tried to shoot parkour once and it was pretty hard because it was too dark to freeze the action and get decent images (had to shoot ISO3200 most of the time).

what i like about your pics:
-golden hour
-post effects
what you could work on:
-angel of view

Jammer said...

reminds me of the movie District b13

AllenTesch said...

Looks tiring.

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Moobeat said...


Noctis said...

you're really athletic, I like that! Also the one who made the pictures is also very good.

JerryTerrifying said...

I've been interested in this stuff for years. But I've got like zero gymnastic ability and would probably just fall on my neck and explode.

InfoTube said...

So cool.

Admin said...

Very nice pictures!

Fjallgeirr said...

Those pictures are nice! Also be careful with free running, I just wish You a good luck!

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