Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sorry it's been a while since I posted last, it's been a hectic week! Anyways, on to another interest!

Fitballing! (Honestly there really isn't a true name for this, but it's what most people in the parkour/freerunning community call it.) Basically, you head on over to the beach, dig a big-ass hole in the sand, blow up your fitness ball, and bury it about three-quarters of the way in sand. Then you do flips 'n shit off of it! :D

I haven't personally had a chance to do this yet. But I'm headed to my favorite beach spot this coming weekend and I definitely plan on trying it out! I also definitely plan on filming everything I do, so expect some sort of lame edit in about a week :)

For now, I'm sure you want to see what I'm talking about, so check out this video!

I'll let you know my final thoughts on this activity after I have had a chance to experience it myself c:


DWei said...

The thought of this horrifies me because I know if I tried, I'd break something after one jump.

D4 said...

THAT looks like fun. I wouldn't flip, I'd use it to fly into the ocean or something. Hell yes.

Diego Sousa said...

looks kinda dangerous to me!

Admin said...

I took a break off blogging as well. To set up my new blog! I'm pretty excited.

Anyways, those people are insane.

romuosezre said...

ive got to try that

fpotd said...

Good post!

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JDC said...

Pretty cool, like a small trampoline really.

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